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i bet you like this dont you?

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haha [26 Sep 2005|08:09pm]
yeah so I haven't changed the icon since i last used this in the winter. oh well, i like it.

haha so I decided to copy Alic and put a pic of myself up here.. yeah we are pretty cool, I dunno though. but uhm it's Sept. 26, 2005.

livejournal's comin' back.


buy milk, bread and gather your children.
it was only wishfuL thinking

[23 Feb 2005|09:37pm]
[ mood | good ]

1. Opening Credits: Best of Me – Starting Line

2. Waking Up Scene: Love you Madly - Cake
3. Average Day Scene: Ordinary Day – Vanessa Carlton
4. Best Friend Scene: Way We Get By - Spoon
5. First Date Scene: Spitting Games - Snow Patrol
6. Falling In Love Scene: Hands Down - Dashboard

7. Love Scene: Just Like Heaven – Taking Back Sunday
8. Fight With A Friend Scene: There’s No ‘I’ in team – Taking Back Sunday

9. Break Up Scene: “Tell That Mick He Just Made My List Of Things To Do” – Fall Out Boy
10. Lonely Scene: Magazines – Brand New

11. Get Back Together Scene: If You Leave - Nada Surf
12. Fight Scene: My Only Enemy – American Hi-Fi
13. Wandering Around Randomly Scene: How Good Can It Be – The 88
14. Heartbreak Scene: Nothing Better – Postal Service
15. Mental Breakdown Scene: Here’s Your Letter – Blink-182

16. Driving Scene: Over My Head – LIT

17. Deep Thought Scene: Politik - Coldplay
18. Flashback Scene: Nothing As It Seemsn- Pearl Jam
19. Sex Scene: White Houses – Vanessa Carlton

20. Dream Sequence: Lullaby – Taking Back Sunday
21. Party Scene: Fell In Love With A Girl – White Stripes
22. Happy Dance Scene: Two Princes – Spin Doctor
23. Regret Scene: I Miss You – Blink-182

24. Long Night Thinking Alone Scene: Blue Carolina – Alkaline Trio

25. Closing Credits: Maps – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

... wahoo haha.. okay so i have an xanga.. i dunno which wun i'll update but you can keep checkin this wun... my xanga is

oo1 // it was only wishfuL thinking

[19 Feb 2005|10:54pm]
[ mood | happy ]

okayy wooooo, last night went to fajass new placee and did ishh and set up wireless and i wa slyk spazzing at lyk 11 haha still had my uniform on.. haha uhmm this morningg woo felt weird lykk drama and ish goin on lyk cant stand any of that AT ALL lyk from any11 but it got better and daddy and me went to panera and targett andd i came home and had to clan my room to go out and then my mom took me to wendys and then we went to american eagle in lyk chads foridhs and i got sumthin at gap really cute sweater jacket thing and i got starbucks then mommy took me to graceyy piee's where i lyk thought it wa the rong houseer cus they frrrrrooooosttys got a new car and i was lykk uhgmmmmmmm haha and then me and gracee ate cookies andd then cel piked us up wheree gmom foster stood in the doorway haha rthen we went to the moviess andd it was fun uhmm lyk agness guysish andd sum shanny ppl and villass yes very entertainging.. wow this was wun sentencee wahoo.. okay comment

xox annie

oo1 // it was only wishfuL thinking

[14 Feb 2005|04:38pm]
[ mood | creative ]

okay uhmm im supposed to be grounded until lyk april from the comp. and goin out.. but this wekeend i have been on the comp. alot, ha dunno whats guna happen? well its sucks both ways, anywaysss.. i got a digital camera from my daddy for v-day, my only valentine! haha.. oh well nd charles amon.. luvv yu<333333


okay sweet entry

123 days til summer.. i will die before then

xox annie

oo1 // it was only wishfuL thinking

[07 Feb 2005|07:08pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

RULES: Write a statement intended for 14 different people. Never tell which one is for who.


1.       wow.. you likee myy sisterr.. wee havee beeen best friends sincee lyk whatt 5th gradee yeahhhh gerll haha.. you always there to make me smile.. you are such a sweetheart.. no one will be able to take that awayy.. even though we arent as close as we were in past years.. im always gonna be here for youu no matter what happens.. it feels so good too know i have someone i can ALWAYS count on.. you the bestt ever babe ilu<3


2.   OH MY GAHHHHHH.. i have 2 words.. BROOM VICTIM.. hahaa.. you are the sweetest person i have ever met. you are so different from me it's scary that we clickk likee a buckle? haha.. we have had such amazing summers together and spent so manyy tines together i can not keep track. i culd typee for awhile all of ourr jokes.. but we might wanna keep themm private hahhaha.. thanks for giving me memoriess that i can look backk on for a smile when timess are bad.. stop growin soo tall.. and eat less.. even thoo you dont weigh any amount of body weight.. haha its not healthyy.. cant wait for this summer!<33


3.) oooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh noooo.. what too say whatt too sayy.. hmm i cant reallly think offf anythinngg cus you SUCK. the end. jaykayingg of coursee.. well i guess ill just say you aree my twin, no doubting that =).. haha it's really weird because we werent even friends until last year, and that's just too bad you missed out on me for lyk 8 years. haha we're alllllllllways together and we are more retarted together thann 2 actuall retards.. ha yeh genious analogy. you are different from a lot of my other friends and im just really glad i have some onee like youu.. thankss soo much forr beeingg myy bestt friendd.. andd someonee to fantasize with aboutt people such as t.j. and the baby.. hehe<333

4.) HEYY BABIIGERLLL HOLLER ATT MEE i wannt summ offf thatt asss. hehee youu knoww i lyk you for thatt.. woww youu soo crazyy and fun to be aroundd. i knoww you care aboutt your friends soo muchh andd i respect youu for thatt.. im alwayss here for youu no matter whatt ever happenss.. wish you went to shanny.. miss yahss like hell.. the carrots and nick p. will live on forever.. cant wait forr the beachh!!! =) <33 muahh

5.) omggoshh just started talkin to youu butt youu soo funnyy gerrll ahh you just lyk mee! hopefully we can hang outt andd chill this summer as well =)

6.) hahaa you one sexyy boyy i wishh was mine =)

7.) oo just met you this yearr! you arre an awesommee gerrll.. yourr soo funnyy and nicee andd we have shared sum laughs hheee.. hopee we only gett closer! ps- i think youu shuld kill thatt biachh as well haha.

8.) haha you were so shy first time i met youu now i no you are wun crazyy motherr hahahha we had sum good times with you know whoo and shanny is funn so farr with yah.. love youu<3

9.) ahhhh you rockk lykk uhmm cooll haha known yous for a very long time.. you make mee laff andd you are a really good listener.. we sharee a lott of stuff andd im thankful for sum1 who knows how to listen.. a lot of ppl cant do thatt.. summer is guna rockk.. andd wow i just love you!

10.) I MISSSSS YOUU SOO MUCH =(.. youu likee the coolest gerl ever.. no flawss whatsoever.. i dont even no what to say! keep bein you you amazing<3

11.) oh oho ohohohohohohohh... "you didnt come to my party last night... but your boyfriend did... TWICE.... IN MY MOUTH" hahahahahahah omg amazingg times.. you sucha a crazy gerl.. you have so much confidencee that i admiree and your presence just brightens a room.. your soo gorgeous! andd tann!! hahaa i love youu crazy ass times<3

12.) we used to be so close i dont no what happendd.. no oness faultt but i wish it wasnt lyk this i dont need this.

13.) woww you sucha lil cutie piee! hahaha your a doll.. keep your head up your amazingg dont ever doubt yourself.. sum1 as hot as mee wuldnt like youu iff you werent soo speciall.. cant wait forr the next years<33

14.) you a cool kidd who lyks to smoke outt of seashells hhahaha.. fun times this summer.. thanx for not gettin me in trublee.. sheesh<3


okeyy dokes =)


xox annie


ps-- heres an extra special wun for sumone i forgot =( youu aree myy sunshine.. my only sunshine.. u make me HAPPPYY when skies are gray, you'll never know dear.. how much i love you! please dont take my sunshine awayy.. oh mann.. u my 1 tree hill quote predicterr andd we lyk to talk about a certain sum1.. oo i just luv u!
oo5 // it was only wishfuL thinking

[03 Feb 2005|06:05pm]
[ mood | good ]

yoyoyoyo playyas.. its thursday andd hmm this week has been uhmm okayy yeah i forget today was pretty good.. in religion peter l. sumthin haha randomly screamed boner cus we were tryin to think of names for our religion teachers night at the races.. and his brothers funeral home was sponsoring it so we had to think of lyk dead lyk names.. haha so he was lyk BONER!!!!! hahahahahahahahhahahaha and our rel. teacher is the shizzz so he was lyk HAHA SO PETER CAN YOU TELL US WHAT A BONER IS? and every1 was peeing ther skirts/pants hahaha so he was just laffin for lyk 7 hours then wer lyk haha just say it so hes lyk OKAY ITS A STIFFY hahahahahahahhaahhahahaha and mr p-tash was lyk come on whats the deffinition and hes lyk FINE ITS AN ERECTION OF THE PENIS!!! hahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHHAHA and p-tash was lyk ACTUALLY ITS... hahaa cus it has another deffintion.. haha good times... o and if we guessed how many spaghettios were in wun can we wuld get lyk extra credit? haha so adam boyd wrote 69 and mr p-tash was lyk you know im guna make your parents sign that and bring it back and we were all laffin and sum1 was lyk mr. p what if he was just thinkin thats how many were reallly in ther and ur mind is just in the gutter.. hahahaha omg religionn = <33.. soo yuppp and fine arts.. is good.. hahaha.. ' so i hear ppl call u penis ' hahahahahahahahahhaah.. woww.. and today i did an impression of mrs. boring and apparently alic sed it was exactly lyk her.. haha kinda scary... anddd uhmm yeh so today i called comcast and set up my laptop!! after lyk 89 years.. andd the man was a lil biachh woman.. haha.. soo tomoro agness girls are hanginn outt soo weee! andd yahhh cant really think of anythingg elsee... math today .. HUH???????? draws ferociusly on the board.. haha.. soo yup still have to do my h/w =\.. k well peace out! COMMENTT

xox annie


oo5 // it was only wishfuL thinking

[27 Jan 2005|07:12pm]
[ mood | content ]

hi!!! okay im guna try to make this pretty colors but its hard cus i dont have a black background lyk AC.. btw her updates sucked >[.. okay that angry smiley pretty much failed.. but yeah soo tuesday we were supposed to have quarterlies but ther was a 2 hour delay so we just got off and around 1 mrs. kane picked me up.. and then i got lizzies!! and we got settled and such and uhmm did crap? haha and liz showed me the music man cover HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. omg.. and then we watched sum part of the that was lyk picture slideshows.. and we called alic and i was lyk CRACKING upp haha 'pretty much dont know..' hahah.. then she was bein a faggit and didnt go out in the snow with us.. so me and liz traveled around then basically made a pit-stop at her house cus i hadda tp PEE lyk intense.. and i knew ac wuldnt open the door but i figured i wuld tryy.. and we lyk attacked her house and the little kid across the street started to stare.. haha then this weird guy in a grey durango started to stalk us and wuld move inches at a time and we chilled in her driveway to try to lose him for lyk 20 min ahha then we sprinted up the whole neighborhood and he kept lyk doubling back and this realllly weird girl who was lyk retarted kept staring out the car window HAHA and then sum weird kid walkin up the street was starin hha oo b4 that we went to pee in the munincipal building and the lady lyk stared a5t us goin out she prolly thought we planted a bomb or sumthing ahha.. thenn we basically didnt study for about 6 hours HAHAHHA oh liz<33 and we watched the music man! OMGGG<3333333 hhahahahaha.. andd yehh it was fun and liz stephen and i decide the milk was bad and earlier i thought it tasted lyk grilled cheese haha it so did.. okk so then i think i didnt wake up to my alarm.. haha so liz came in at 645 and was lyk ahhahaahha i thought u were up.. haha soo yeah history and math were okay? then i just came home and talked to alic cus she and i go online every second hha.. and then today were english and chem HAHAHAHAHHAHA yeah that was pretty special.. and it was freeeeeeeeeeeeezing this afternoon.. and yeah came home and went online? haha then at around 330 i went downstairs and fell dead asleep till i woke up to my phone ringing but i thought my fone was in my dream.. I ALWAYS DO THAT WITH NOISES omg.. soo ha yeah i did that yesterday.. and then madre picked me up and here i am.. haha religion and spanish? hahaa noo.. hahahaaa thanx mollss for makin fun of me! ur the coolest lil thingg ever haha<33....... okk so this weekend will suck t.j.'s balls.. ahah as alic wuld say.. tomoro im goin with my dad to see his house which isnt bad but lyk im not doen anything.. and lyk these freakin ppl are lyk obsessed with me babysitting she lyk plans my dates into march and im lyk forced to say yes.. omg.. soo freakingg god that'll be bad and noo football on sunday! grr.. well.. comment please!!!!!

xox annie

ps.... jess is my babiigerrll holler at that wantt summ ass.. calll 484-880-9143
oo1 // it was only wishfuL thinking

[23 Jan 2005|07:19pm]
[ mood | good but got pissed ]

soo today i shoveled lyk 78 pounds of snow and then watchedd amazing eagles kick summ gay falconn assss andd tom. we got a 2 hour delay!!!! but i have freakin detenion thanx too my gayy ass busdriver.. ughh hope he dies.. god this ruins everything!!!!!!! kjfldf okayy well still gladdd my boys won<3

xox annie

oo3 // it was only wishfuL thinking

[22 Jan 2005|02:22pm]
[ mood | bored ]

wahoo sooo.. monday no school !! =).. yeah.. and then this week was perrtyy coool.... not.. soo yesterday i went to the mall and it was fun! haha losing the 20 dollars andd steve!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA and running away from chrissy's stalker.. haha oh wow.. liz u rawwkk.. and so does kris of course... then we took lizzzie home and today it is SNOWINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG lots.. and i tried to go over lizs hahaha but no.. hahaha liz.. soo me and my mom went to country bagel and yahhhh now im bored sitting hereee doin nothin cus were lyk snowed in..grr.. TOMORO ISSS EAGLESSSS!! YEAHHHHHHHHHHH omg guna be amazing when eagles crush atlantas asses =).. uhmm HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LAUREN D.!!! hope itss fun1 luv yahhh... hahaha omg funny gay commercial just on.. made me laff.. okayy well im outt

xox annie

oo1 // it was only wishfuL thinking

[16 Jan 2005|10:20pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

okay.. where are we now?.. friday i pretty much babysat.. and it was AWESOME... haha thanx to jezzikuh..ha and talking to kris and lizzie.. hehe.. i almost choked.. lizzie was on the fone.. and almost fell into ther tree.. me and jess had a lil heart to heart<3 hehe jess.. andd then i went home and was very exhausted.. saturday my father took me a out and we went to wendys.. where i was later informed that celia saw me walking out and screamed in her car and then got in trouble my her mother for screaming because the baby cusin was sleeping.. haha oh cel<3.. then i traveled over to jessies.. where cel and jess and alex were playing american idol.. so i joined in the festivities.. and rocked everything.. haha.. and then hannah camee.. and we were all hanging out.. and i dont remember.. and then we thought alicia was cuming.. so we spazzed and me and cel and jess went in the closet and i pushed miss cel by accident into the hangers and the entire thing basically fell down and we ripped lyk 87 pictures off of jessies wall hahaha.. me cracking up and cel going "I THINK IM PEEING MYSELF!" hahaha.. then she actually came about an hour l8er.. then we all did stuff.. and we ate food.. and that was awesome!! haha.. and then we traveled in the bigg ass truck to the dance where it was veryyyyyyyy cold.. and jess and hannah popped a squat... hahaha......... weird chickies.... andd then we went inside and saw the whole world.. then i felt nauseaus.. however you spell that.. so i sat down sum.. and sum unknown ppl were talking to me.. and she was lyk that kid wants to get with you.. and i was lyk hmm.. maybe i culd throw-up on him?!?!... god.. haha.. so then we FINALLLLLY found celiaa.. and we told her we were traveling homee.. =\... but we talked to quite a few ppls who were ohh so kind to make me feel better =).. andd then we left andd i was soooooo tired.. and today was the EAGLES GAME IN A LUXURY BOX!!!!!!! ahhh.. luv itt.. father picked me up at 10 and we traveled down.. i was looking good like alwayys.. and we traveled to the career builder boxx.. and got a pink hat!!.. and it was the bestest view evvver.. even better than game 1 in sept.. which was a different box.. and the game was AWESOME.. b west iss my hero.. i luv his jerseyy<3.. and fred-ex had a mighty fine game.. he deliverrrs.. yes! andd a lil boy who is a funny lil kidd! was sitting next to me and was lyk " i like sitting next to pretty girls " hahahaha it was soo funny.. oh wow.. and it was just soo amazing! we screamed much and much and much.. and then we traveled to haddon heights to the de Mennas.. and got the 24 tape for my dad who screwed up the taping of monday nights episode.. hahahaha.. so we jsut had to go get that.. and we came home and watched sum of the pats colts game.. then i watched 24 again with daddy-o.. and came back up here!... and i think im buying a digital camera =)

okay comment on this amazinggness

xox annie

ps- alicia is my bestest friend! she is thee coolest ever.. especially since she got with tommy j. in the nasty way.. haha! i <3 u
oo2 // it was only wishfuL thinking

[09 Jan 2005|06:50pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

ahhh im soo depressed jdhfkjdhfkjshfksjfhkjshdkfjhiueyiuryiuweryiwuerye.. i feeel lyk crying lyk im about too .. ahh i dunt even no y but i wish i was sumwhere else right now

oo4 // it was only wishfuL thinking

[04 Jan 2005|09:24pm]
[ mood | content ]

omg.. this all just got deleted jkdfhkjhfkjshfkjsfh

ok hii there


religion = NO TEACHER !!! =) we talked all class and they were throwing a super ball around and it hit the ceiling and the projector a couple of times.. haha and we just talked it was awesome!

math = NO FUCKIN MISS LEONE !! got all my hw done then talked the rest of the class =).. oh and realized wile talkin to liz that the reason we all r failing math is cus guinta didnt teach any algebra we learned how to lyk solve for x woo hoo ha cus she was lyk yeah i dont lyk to teach that so i wont.. and lyk every1 else is lyk wooohoo smart

comp = mr cunningham being the gayest ever recorded in the world.. got sum gay project to do.. o well! and TRIED TO PLAY THE CADET KELLY GAME BUT MY COMP WASNT WORKING BUT ALICIAS DID =(

history = test..fell asleep..talked bout events

lunch = uhmm funny!! haha sum girl was makin fun of me and that was pretty funny.. and i was bein really weird to that meghan girl hahah

english = not that bad actually.. got crap back.. DIDNT SLEEP!! haha kelsey! yesterday i was in a really obvious positon and i was lyk ahh ok i cant fall asleep.. and then i woke up 25 min later to find us on sumthin totally else and her starin at me.. kelsey sed it was soo obvious hahaha

chem = mike askin for gum again.. actually did chemistry

spanish = watched sum dumb ass movie that was better then spanish and he finally let me pee 20 min later! haha and he was talkin bout indians

ahh then BOWLING!!!! mrs. kane drove us and it was me kris and liz and we played mary-kate and erin! haha! omg AND JUST FREAKIN GUESS WHO WE WERE NEXT TOO.. FAT ASIAN STALKER FOR FRESHMAN FORMAL.... haha so i told erin bout him.. then he noticed me ther.. and i hid under the seat and stuff b/w erin and mk.. haha and when i went to the b-room to every1 he was lyk whered the cute wwun goo?? and that was the beginning of it all.. haha and i left to go get sumthin and i look bak and hes lyk trying to find me and lookin over the counters.. and when i was bowlin he was lyk ohh do it this way u culd get hurt lyk that omg soo scary.. and we were lyk she goin with dan bove! hahahaha and then erin was lyk ANNIE are u goin to that lesbian convention this weekk.. sumthin haha and hopefully he bought that.......and then we pulled my skirt down really far to turn him off hahaha and then that was uncormtable so i changed that then i took off my sweater for lyk 7 secs and he was staring so i put that bak on.. and he kept bein lyk yoooooo cutie.. omg skjsdhfksjhfkjshfkjfsh sumthin else happened dont remember haha god... haha fun times... ohh and robbie...... haha erin

ahh i cant fucking take this bullshit anymore.. i cant stand know it alls and hippocrates.. they are SOO gay.. if im ever wun ahh u havta tell me cus i seriosuly cant stand them... and i cant stand my parents either they are soo gay.. yes, ur all prolly thinking davie is cool but he has his flaws.. he spazzes about sumthing that has NOTHING to do with me and his 100 percent his fault and then tries to blame it on me and starts to lecture about sumthing totally else.. what the hell i dont need this shit.. and my mom thinks im irresponsible.. id lyk to see her try to live with sumwun else.. im lyk perfect to her.. shes sucha a neat fr4eak and lyk spaz and uptight freak .. w/e

comment or sumthin =)

xox annie

oo5 // it was only wishfuL thinking

[01 Jan 2005|01:17am]
[ mood | better than i was ]


ahhhhh i hate my life.. i only babysat for lyk 2 hours and made lyk -3454 dollars which i had to give to my mom anyway cus i owed her money and now im home.. moneyless on new years eve... when i culd have gone to lindsays or lyk celias or sumthinn.. GRRRRRRRRR.. and we have fuckin school on monday and i have so much shit to do and i forgot lyk 871 things in my locker..AHDSUFHJKSHKJSHFKJSHFKSDFDSSFSFSFWERTWEREWRWR.. OHH BUT I TALKED TO JESS TONIGHT CUS SHE WAS UNEASY AT SOME PLACE HAHA OH MAN JESSS<3 "WILL U BE MY BEST FRIEND?" HAHA<3 ..i made 2 normal entries below.. well wun is normal.. ha.. comment on thiss motherrr

xox annie

ps.. here's somethin sweet =)Collapse )

oo1 // it was only wishfuL thinking

[30 Dec 2004|09:52pm]
UHMMMM I LOVE ALICIA CREIGHTONNNNNNNNNNNN SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH CUS SHE KNOWSSS HOW TO KEEP IT REALL IN HER HOOD.. espec. with the kid who crapped his pantss andd she wears fubu shirts and a pimpinn gold tooth too red lobster cuss yes thats wheree the homes gather forr big mealss.. to sum it up she is just wun big asssss mother flipppin GANGSTTTTAA, yo. aighttt peace loverr
oo1 // it was only wishfuL thinking

[30 Dec 2004|09:31pm]
[ mood | good ]

soooooooooo uhmmm uhmmm tuesday = movies with jess and emery fam AND DAVID OHH BYE DAVID!!!!!! HAHAHA.. we called alic and quietly told her to leave messages and flushed popcorn down the toilet.. yeah the usual? and thenn wed. went to main street with stags and awesome crap lyk that and my mom was late and i sat next to a large man with muffins then erin was at walmart and sed she called me so i went into find her then went to erins for her bday at night and that was fun and the power went off andddddddd tsunamis are flippin awesome! AND SO ISS DROP DEADD GOREUOSS AHHHH SHE BLEW UP haha! today = FUCKING WORST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! until i went out l8er and got boots from american eagle and such and went to kohls and talked too jessie and then talked to jen about jess's unstableness in life! haha oh man good times.. anddd now im havin a grand time talkin to cool people! okk well i havta fuckin babysit tomoro but im goin to lunch ffor my gmoms bday at chester valley with sum cool ppls so that'll be good and yes WELL COMMENT!!


xox annie

oo1 // it was only wishfuL thinking

[28 Dec 2004|04:35pm]
[ mood | stoked.. yes STOKED to see je ]

WOW!! sunday night me alic and hannah tried to go to the movies but it was sold out and the lady yelled at me and we got lyk kicked out hahaha then we went to chilis and got dumb things then alic and hannah stayed over and we did joyous things and such and we watched DODGEBALL !! WITH LORi BETH DENBERGGGGGGGG.. thenn i annoyed alicia to the max while she was trying to go to sleep hahaa and then the next morning we went to the PURE BREAD CAFE in delawurr ha andd alicia spilled her drink HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA and sum old lumberjack with a missing finger still sat ther even tho they piled about 83 napkins on the ground and left them ther.. ahah then we took alicia to the st. agness place and me and my dad took me home andd then the concertt..AHH omgosh the concert wass soo fucking awesome =) fall out boy<3 it was me.. courtney.. liz.. courtney.. and ben haha!! omg all of you are so awesome.. soo my mom took me to miss courtneys andthen we started to drive and we got ther and waited in the freezing co0ld and ther was wun of myy people gettin in truble // and possibly arrested " DONT TOUCH ME ! " haha he was trying to buy tickets and he was warned not to walk on that portion of the sidewalk or else he wuld have the cops called on him and he kept doin it nd then they never did anything? haha so it was lyk artic + -2390840293842 degrees.. and then we were wondering why ben franklin was on the sign outside if the electric factory.. then.. we realized hahahaha.. we gott in and it wa slyk NEO0N!!! haha and they bought tshirts while us moneyless ppl waited sumwhere andd we pushed our way to the front and it was CRAZY and ther was gross throwings go0ing on haha.. and we met this hot gay guy who we found out l8er was gay and cool other ppls haha and the first band was okay and the second was rock // rap and it was soo freaky haha and then MiDTOWN !! who i am gettin the cd from courtt.. andd ther was extreme moshing times 0394803843849814 some fat man sat on my leg and at wun point befor fall out boy came out it was soooo scary ther was so much moshing and intense ppl and the gay guy took his shirt off and he was awesome // annoying with his laff hahaha and court stole his beast hat a cuple of times and we lsot liz and the others and i made this guy pik me up so i culd breathe cus it was lyk a mosh inferno so he did that for awhile and l8er liz wa slyk yeah we randomly saw annie bein piked up by a guy haha cus i kept fallin over ha it was funny anddd.. me and court got water thrown on us and her hair was lyk destroyed haha and sum1 tried to fight me for the cup of water uhmm fuck noo ha.. and ben got me a bottle water sumhow earlier !! lol but when fall out boy came out it was sooo awesome and me and court wanted to get piked up more in the center but we culdnt get over ther hahahaha..thenn leaving we saw shanny ppl lyk chriss orr who we knew was ther but culdnt find and uhmm other annoying kid haha and then we slept over courtss andd then this morning my madre picked me up and we went to the mall to lyk one store and then to lunch and grace and lany called me from ther track meet in NEW YORK !! andd we talked and suchh ! =) andd then came home and im goin to the movies withh jessssss tonight and other crazy humannss haha.. and wednesday is uhmm what.. erins birthday?!?! HECK YESSS =) and tomoro im hangin out with cel and such !! ohh yes so i gotta go make her my sign that will SOO beat her by lyk the universes length?? okkk byeee<3 COMMENT

xox annie

oo2 // it was only wishfuL thinking

[25 Dec 2004|08:54pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

hiiiii !! MERRY CHRISTMAS  guess what i am watching RIGHT NOW.. YEAHHH HOME ALONE BABY CHANNEL 40 OHHHHHHHHH MAN makes my flippin christmasssss =) i got a laptop!!! woooot!! andd a bwestt aka b-rabbit jersey thats white! pajama pants.. gift cards.. major candy.. eagles history dvd..earring with my initials engravedd in them and other earrings.. my fav. perfumeee.. and a realy awesome blouse shirt thing from lucky branddddd and my bourne supremacy dvd from alicia! andd my shirt from liz! anddd other awesome body stuff and my fav bracelet EVER from misss laur davis.. babysat last night till lyk 1 and they told me they were guna be home at lyk 11 and they only gave me 40 bucks poop on them lyk seriosuly they didnt even call until midnight i was lyk wow i hope you pay more on new years lyk seriosuly i better get lyk 70 bucks haha i sound so greedy but it was flippin christmas eve.. soo my christmas was fun hope urs was too.. and at my grandmass i took benadryl and it wiped me out i was seriously unconcious for 2 hours every1 sed i was lyk dead asleep on the couch ha and now im guna go watch home alone and celia is too!!! haha

xox annie

oo1 // it was only wishfuL thinking

[24 Dec 2004|05:43pm]
wow i got like so sad last night and like wtf why its christmasss and its about som1 andd i feel lyk were driftin apart and its no1s fault but it made me SO sad and i dont want them to think i dont care about them anymore becausee i love you so muchh.. but im not surre what they think.. im so sorry if ive been blowing youu off and that kinda junk.. i get really caughtt up and im not trying to hurtt any1.. im not even sure what you think but i just wanna tell you i lovee you soo much and im always guna be ther for you if sum1 else isntt.. even if you dont think i will i will cus you were ther for me when i needed you the most<33
oo4 // it was only wishfuL thinking

[24 Dec 2004|01:51pm]
at my aunts for xmas eve.. its.. pretty cool ... haha uhmm i got a BURBERYY! wooot and we shared stories of how they got actual stolen purses from the lyk asian imagration center ahah i luv my fam haha.. ok well ive already had lyk 3 mamosas time to go gather more


xox annie
oo1 // it was only wishfuL thinking

[20 Dec 2004|06:40pm]
[ mood | content ]

soo this weekend was the wedding! it was funnish after we went to Overbrooke to take lyk 9291832198920183901832 pics where the photographer barkedd and meowedd at us hahahahaha it was soo weird and we were lyk uhmm did she just meow at me? haha then we had to go back to mchugh's house for cocktail crap then went to aronimink which is alwayss my fav and we ate lyk 23e2 pound of food.. yes 23e2 pounds.. the e makes it kool.. anddd we had frree drinks and sang with sum guy at piano bar nd stole mint bowls and chillaxedd in the couched in the bathrroom and that night we called lyk texas andd 283792 ppl after having lyk 5 gin n tonics.. ha.. so i didnt really remmber till katee informed me and i remmberd haha sry if we annoyedd u and calledd and left lyk 78 messageees! oh well then THE EAGLLESSSSSS  but TO is injured which sucks THE ENTIRE WORLD.. god.. anddddd I GOT A 101 ON SPANISHHH AHHHH FREAAAAAKINN AHHH but of coursee miss alic got a 102 hahahaha oh well HOPE YOUU FEEL BETTERR!! yupp and i managed to get a 75 on math.. wow im freakinggg incredible now my average is a 71 hehe atleast it not failinggg..

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oo4 // it was only wishfuL thinking

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