i bet you like this dont you? (cloud_niine_x3) wrote,
i bet you like this dont you?

wow i got like so sad last night and like wtf why its christmasss and its about som1 andd i feel lyk were driftin apart and its no1s fault but it made me SO sad and i dont want them to think i dont care about them anymore becausee i love you so muchh.. but im not surre what they think.. im so sorry if ive been blowing youu off and that kinda junk.. i get really caughtt up and im not trying to hurtt any1.. im not even sure what you think but i just wanna tell you i lovee you soo much and im always guna be ther for you if sum1 else isntt.. even if you dont think i will i will cus you were ther for me when i needed you the most<33
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