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hiiiii !! MERRY CHRISTMAS  guess what i am watching RIGHT NOW.. YEAHHH HOME ALONE BABY CHANNEL 40 OHHHHHHHHH MAN makes my flippin christmasssss =) i got a laptop!!! woooot!! andd a bwestt aka b-rabbit jersey thats white! pajama pants.. gift cards.. major candy.. eagles history dvd..earring with my initials engravedd in them and other earrings.. my fav. perfumeee.. and a realy awesome blouse shirt thing from lucky branddddd and my bourne supremacy dvd from alicia! andd my shirt from liz! anddd other awesome body stuff and my fav bracelet EVER from misss laur davis.. babysat last night till lyk 1 and they told me they were guna be home at lyk 11 and they only gave me 40 bucks poop on them lyk seriosuly they didnt even call until midnight i was lyk wow i hope you pay more on new years lyk seriosuly i better get lyk 70 bucks haha i sound so greedy but it was flippin christmas eve.. soo my christmas was fun hope urs was too.. and at my grandmass i took benadryl and it wiped me out i was seriously unconcious for 2 hours every1 sed i was lyk dead asleep on the couch ha and now im guna go watch home alone and celia is too!!! haha

xox annie

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