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WOW!! sunday night me alic and hannah tried to go to the movies but it was sold out and the lady yelled at me and we got lyk kicked out hahaha then we went to chilis and got dumb things then alic and hannah stayed over and we did joyous things and such and we watched DODGEBALL !! WITH LORi BETH DENBERGGGGGGGG.. thenn i annoyed alicia to the max while she was trying to go to sleep hahaa and then the next morning we went to the PURE BREAD CAFE in delawurr ha andd alicia spilled her drink HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA and sum old lumberjack with a missing finger still sat ther even tho they piled about 83 napkins on the ground and left them ther.. ahah then we took alicia to the st. agness place and me and my dad took me home andd then the concertt..AHH omgosh the concert wass soo fucking awesome =) fall out boy<3 it was me.. courtney.. liz.. courtney.. and ben haha!! omg all of you are so awesome.. soo my mom took me to miss courtneys andthen we started to drive and we got ther and waited in the freezing co0ld and ther was wun of myy people gettin in truble // and possibly arrested " DONT TOUCH ME ! " haha he was trying to buy tickets and he was warned not to walk on that portion of the sidewalk or else he wuld have the cops called on him and he kept doin it nd then they never did anything? haha so it was lyk artic + -2390840293842 degrees.. and then we were wondering why ben franklin was on the sign outside if the electric factory.. then.. we realized hahahaha.. we gott in and it wa slyk NEO0N!!! haha and they bought tshirts while us moneyless ppl waited sumwhere andd we pushed our way to the front and it was CRAZY and ther was gross throwings go0ing on haha.. and we met this hot gay guy who we found out l8er was gay and cool other ppls haha and the first band was okay and the second was rock // rap and it was soo freaky haha and then MiDTOWN !! who i am gettin the cd from courtt.. andd ther was extreme moshing times 0394803843849814 some fat man sat on my leg and at wun point befor fall out boy came out it was soooo scary ther was so much moshing and intense ppl and the gay guy took his shirt off and he was awesome // annoying with his laff hahaha and court stole his beast hat a cuple of times and we lsot liz and the others and i made this guy pik me up so i culd breathe cus it was lyk a mosh inferno so he did that for awhile and l8er liz wa slyk yeah we randomly saw annie bein piked up by a guy haha cus i kept fallin over ha it was funny anddd.. me and court got water thrown on us and her hair was lyk destroyed haha and sum1 tried to fight me for the cup of water uhmm fuck noo ha.. and ben got me a bottle water sumhow earlier !! lol but when fall out boy came out it was sooo awesome and me and court wanted to get piked up more in the center but we culdnt get over ther hahahaha..thenn leaving we saw shanny ppl lyk chriss orr who we knew was ther but culdnt find and uhmm other annoying kid haha and then we slept over courtss andd then this morning my madre picked me up and we went to the mall to lyk one store and then to lunch and grace and lany called me from ther track meet in NEW YORK !! andd we talked and suchh ! =) andd then came home and im goin to the movies withh jessssss tonight and other crazy humannss haha.. and wednesday is uhmm what.. erins birthday?!?! HECK YESSS =) and tomoro im hangin out with cel and such !! ohh yes so i gotta go make her my sign that will SOO beat her by lyk the universes length?? okkk byeee<3 COMMENT

xox annie

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