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hi!!! okay im guna try to make this pretty colors but its hard cus i dont have a black background lyk AC.. btw her updates sucked >[.. okay that angry smiley pretty much failed.. but yeah soo tuesday we were supposed to have quarterlies but ther was a 2 hour delay so we just got off and around 1 mrs. kane picked me up.. and then i got lizzies!! and we got settled and such and uhmm did crap? haha and liz showed me the music man cover HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. omg.. and then we watched sum part of the m.man that was lyk picture slideshows.. and we called alic and i was lyk CRACKING upp haha 'pretty much dont know..' hahah.. then she was bein a faggit and didnt go out in the snow with us.. so me and liz traveled around then basically made a pit-stop at her house cus i hadda tp PEE lyk intense.. and i knew ac wuldnt open the door but i figured i wuld tryy.. and we lyk attacked her house and the little kid across the street started to stare.. haha then this weird guy in a grey durango started to stalk us and wuld move inches at a time and we chilled in her driveway to try to lose him for lyk 20 min ahha then we sprinted up the whole neighborhood and he kept lyk doubling back and this realllly weird girl who was lyk retarted kept staring out the car window HAHA and then sum weird kid walkin up the street was starin hha oo b4 that we went to pee in the munincipal building and the lady lyk stared a5t us goin out she prolly thought we planted a bomb or sumthing ahha.. thenn we basically didnt study for about 6 hours HAHAHHA oh liz<33 and we watched the music man! OMGGG<3333333 hhahahahaha.. andd yehh it was fun and liz stephen and i decide the milk was bad and earlier i thought it tasted lyk grilled cheese haha it so did.. okk so then i think i didnt wake up to my alarm.. haha so liz came in at 645 and was lyk ahhahaahha i thought u were up.. haha soo yeah history and math were okay? then i just came home and talked to alic cus she and i go online every second hha.. and then today were english and chem HAHAHAHAHHAHA yeah that was pretty special.. and it was freeeeeeeeeeeeezing this afternoon.. and yeah came home and went online? haha then at around 330 i went downstairs and fell dead asleep till i woke up to my phone ringing but i thought my fone was in my dream.. I ALWAYS DO THAT WITH NOISES omg.. soo ha yeah i did that yesterday.. and then madre picked me up and here i am.. haha religion and spanish? hahaa noo.. hahahaaa thanx mollss for makin fun of me! ur the coolest lil thingg ever haha<33....... okk so this weekend will suck t.j.'s balls.. ahah as alic wuld say.. tomoro im goin with my dad to see his house which isnt bad but lyk im not doen anything.. and lyk these freakin ppl are lyk obsessed with me babysitting she lyk plans my dates into march and im lyk forced to say yes.. omg.. soo freakingg god that'll be bad and noo football on sunday! grr.. well.. comment please!!!!!

xox annie

ps.... jess is my babiigerrll holler at that wantt summ ass.. calll 484-880-9143
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