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RULES: Write a statement intended for 14 different people. Never tell which one is for who.


1.       wow.. you likee myy sisterr.. wee havee beeen best friends sincee lyk whatt 5th gradee yeahhhh gerll haha.. you always there to make me smile.. you are such a sweetheart.. no one will be able to take that awayy.. even though we arent as close as we were in past years.. im always gonna be here for youu no matter what happens.. it feels so good too know i have someone i can ALWAYS count on.. you the bestt ever babe ilu<3


2.   OH MY GAHHHHHH.. i have 2 words.. BROOM VICTIM.. hahaa.. you are the sweetest person i have ever met. you are so different from me it's scary that we clickk likee a buckle? haha.. we have had such amazing summers together and spent so manyy tines together i can not keep track. i culd typee for awhile all of ourr jokes.. but we might wanna keep themm private hahhaha.. thanks for giving me memoriess that i can look backk on for a smile when timess are bad.. stop growin soo tall.. and eat less.. even thoo you dont weigh any amount of body weight.. haha its not healthyy.. cant wait for this summer!<33


3.) oooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh noooo.. what too say whatt too sayy.. hmm i cant reallly think offf anythinngg cus you SUCK. the end. jaykayingg of coursee.. well i guess ill just say you aree my twin, no doubting that =).. haha it's really weird because we werent even friends until last year, and that's just too bad you missed out on me for lyk 8 years. haha we're alllllllllways together and we are more retarted together thann 2 actuall retards.. ha yeh genious analogy. you are different from a lot of my other friends and im just really glad i have some onee like youu.. thankss soo much forr beeingg myy bestt friendd.. andd someonee to fantasize with aboutt people such as t.j. and the baby.. hehe<333

4.) HEYY BABIIGERLLL HOLLER ATT MEE i wannt summ offf thatt asss. hehee youu knoww i lyk you for thatt.. woww youu soo crazyy and fun to be aroundd. i knoww you care aboutt your friends soo muchh andd i respect youu for thatt.. im alwayss here for youu no matter whatt ever happenss.. wish you went to shanny.. miss yahss like hell.. the carrots and nick p. will live on forever.. cant wait forr the beachh!!! =) <33 muahh

5.) omggoshh just started talkin to youu butt youu soo funnyy gerrll ahh you just lyk mee! hopefully we can hang outt andd chill this summer as well =)

6.) hahaa you one sexyy boyy i wishh was mine =)

7.) oo just met you this yearr! you arre an awesommee gerrll.. yourr soo funnyy and nicee andd we have shared sum laughs hheee.. hopee we only gett closer! ps- i think youu shuld kill thatt biachh as well haha.

8.) haha you were so shy first time i met youu now i no you are wun crazyy motherr hahahha we had sum good times with you know whoo and shanny is funn so farr with yah.. love youu<3

9.) ahhhh you rockk lykk uhmm cooll haha known yous for a very long time.. you make mee laff andd you are a really good listener.. we sharee a lott of stuff andd im thankful for sum1 who knows how to listen.. a lot of ppl cant do thatt.. summer is guna rockk.. andd wow i just love you!

10.) I MISSSSS YOUU SOO MUCH =(.. youu likee the coolest gerl ever.. no flawss whatsoever.. i dont even no what to say! keep bein you you amazing<3

11.) oh oho ohohohohohohohh... "you didnt come to my party last night... but your boyfriend did... TWICE.... IN MY MOUTH" hahahahahahah omg amazingg times.. you sucha a crazy gerl.. you have so much confidencee that i admiree and your presence just brightens a room.. your soo gorgeous! andd tann!! hahaa i love youu crazy ass times<3

12.) we used to be so close i dont no what happendd.. no oness faultt but i wish it wasnt lyk this i dont need this.

13.) woww you sucha lil cutie piee! hahaha your a doll.. keep your head up your amazingg dont ever doubt yourself.. sum1 as hot as mee wuldnt like youu iff you werent soo speciall.. cant wait forr the next years<33

14.) you a cool kidd who lyks to smoke outt of seashells hhahaha.. fun times this summer.. thanx for not gettin me in trublee.. sheesh<3


okeyy dokes =)


xox annie


ps-- heres an extra special wun for sumone i forgot =( youu aree myy sunshine.. my only sunshine.. u make me HAPPPYY when skies are gray, you'll never know dear.. how much i love you! please dont take my sunshine awayy.. oh mann.. u my 1 tree hill quote predicterr andd we lyk to talk about a certain sum1.. oo i just luv u!
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