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okayy wooooo, last night went to fajass new placee and did ishh and set up wireless and i wa slyk spazzing at lyk 11 haha still had my uniform on.. haha uhmm this morningg woo felt weird lykk drama and ish goin on lyk cant stand any of that AT ALL lyk from any11 but it got better and daddy and me went to panera and targett andd i came home and had to clan my room to go out and then my mom took me to wendys and then we went to american eagle in lyk chads foridhs and i got sumthin at gap really cute sweater jacket thing and i got starbucks then mommy took me to graceyy piee's where i lyk thought it wa the rong houseer cus they frrrrrooooosttys got a new car and i was lykk uhgmmmmmmm haha and then me and gracee ate cookies andd then cel piked us up wheree gmom foster stood in the doorway haha rthen we went to the moviess andd it was fun uhmm lyk agness guysish andd sum shanny ppl and villass yes very entertainging.. wow this was wun sentencee wahoo.. okay comment

xox annie
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