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1. Opening Credits: Best of Me – Starting Line

2. Waking Up Scene: Love you Madly - Cake
3. Average Day Scene: Ordinary Day – Vanessa Carlton
4. Best Friend Scene: Way We Get By - Spoon
5. First Date Scene: Spitting Games - Snow Patrol
6. Falling In Love Scene: Hands Down - Dashboard

7. Love Scene: Just Like Heaven – Taking Back Sunday
8. Fight With A Friend Scene: There’s No ‘I’ in team – Taking Back Sunday

9. Break Up Scene: “Tell That Mick He Just Made My List Of Things To Do” – Fall Out Boy
10. Lonely Scene: Magazines – Brand New

11. Get Back Together Scene: If You Leave - Nada Surf
12. Fight Scene: My Only Enemy – American Hi-Fi
13. Wandering Around Randomly Scene: How Good Can It Be – The 88
14. Heartbreak Scene: Nothing Better – Postal Service
15. Mental Breakdown Scene: Here’s Your Letter – Blink-182

16. Driving Scene: Over My Head – LIT

17. Deep Thought Scene: Politik - Coldplay
18. Flashback Scene: Nothing As It Seemsn- Pearl Jam
19. Sex Scene: White Houses – Vanessa Carlton

20. Dream Sequence: Lullaby – Taking Back Sunday
21. Party Scene: Fell In Love With A Girl – White Stripes
22. Happy Dance Scene: Two Princes – Spin Doctor
23. Regret Scene: I Miss You – Blink-182

24. Long Night Thinking Alone Scene: Blue Carolina – Alkaline Trio

25. Closing Credits: Maps – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

... wahoo haha.. okay so i have an xanga.. i dunno which wun i'll update but you can keep checkin this wun... my xanga is http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=yourown___xxdisaster
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