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omg.. this all just got deleted jkdfhkjhfkjshfkjsfh

ok hii there


religion = NO TEACHER !!! =) we talked all class and they were throwing a super ball around and it hit the ceiling and the projector a couple of times.. haha and we just talked it was awesome!

math = NO FUCKIN MISS LEONE !! got all my hw done then talked the rest of the class =).. oh and realized wile talkin to liz that the reason we all r failing math is cus guinta didnt teach any algebra we learned how to lyk solve for x woo hoo ha cus she was lyk yeah i dont lyk to teach that so i wont.. and lyk every1 else is lyk wooohoo smart

comp = mr cunningham being the gayest ever recorded in the world.. got sum gay project to do.. o well! and TRIED TO PLAY THE CADET KELLY GAME BUT MY COMP WASNT WORKING BUT ALICIAS DID =(

history = test..fell asleep..talked bout events

lunch = uhmm funny!! haha sum girl was makin fun of me and that was pretty funny.. and i was bein really weird to that meghan girl hahah

english = not that bad actually.. got crap back.. DIDNT SLEEP!! haha kelsey! yesterday i was in a really obvious positon and i was lyk ahh ok i cant fall asleep.. and then i woke up 25 min later to find us on sumthin totally else and her starin at me.. kelsey sed it was soo obvious hahaha

chem = mike askin for gum again.. actually did chemistry

spanish = watched sum dumb ass movie that was better then spanish and he finally let me pee 20 min later! haha and he was talkin bout indians

ahh then BOWLING!!!! mrs. kane drove us and it was me kris and liz and we played mary-kate and erin! haha! omg AND JUST FREAKIN GUESS WHO WE WERE NEXT TOO.. FAT ASIAN STALKER FOR FRESHMAN FORMAL.... haha so i told erin bout him.. then he noticed me ther.. and i hid under the seat and stuff b/w erin and mk.. haha and when i went to the b-room to every1 he was lyk whered the cute wwun goo?? and that was the beginning of it all.. haha and i left to go get sumthin and i look bak and hes lyk trying to find me and lookin over the counters.. and when i was bowlin he was lyk ohh do it this way u culd get hurt lyk that omg soo scary.. and we were lyk she goin with dan bove! hahahaha and then erin was lyk ANNIE are u goin to that lesbian convention this weekk.. sumthin haha and hopefully he bought that.......and then we pulled my skirt down really far to turn him off hahaha and then that was uncormtable so i changed that then i took off my sweater for lyk 7 secs and he was staring so i put that bak on.. and he kept bein lyk yoooooo cutie.. omg skjsdhfksjhfkjshfkjfsh sumthin else happened dont remember haha god... haha fun times... ohh and robbie...... haha erin

ahh i cant fucking take this bullshit anymore.. i cant stand know it alls and hippocrates.. they are SOO gay.. if im ever wun ahh u havta tell me cus i seriosuly cant stand them... and i cant stand my parents either they are soo gay.. yes, ur all prolly thinking davie is cool but he has his flaws.. he spazzes about sumthing that has NOTHING to do with me and his 100 percent his fault and then tries to blame it on me and starts to lecture about sumthing totally else.. what the hell i dont need this shit.. and my mom thinks im irresponsible.. id lyk to see her try to live with sumwun else.. im lyk perfect to her.. shes sucha a neat fr4eak and lyk spaz and uptight freak .. w/e

comment or sumthin =)

xox annie

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