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okay.. where are we now?.. friday i pretty much babysat.. and it was AWESOME... haha thanx to jezzikuh..ha and talking to kris and lizzie.. hehe.. i almost choked.. lizzie was on the fone.. and almost fell into ther tree.. me and jess had a lil heart to heart<3 hehe jess.. andd then i went home and was very exhausted.. saturday my father took me a out and we went to wendys.. where i was later informed that celia saw me walking out and screamed in her car and then got in trouble my her mother for screaming because the baby cusin was sleeping.. haha oh cel<3.. then i traveled over to jessies.. where cel and jess and alex were playing american idol.. so i joined in the festivities.. and rocked everything.. haha.. and then hannah camee.. and we were all hanging out.. and i dont remember.. and then we thought alicia was cuming.. so we spazzed and me and cel and jess went in the closet and i pushed miss cel by accident into the hangers and the entire thing basically fell down and we ripped lyk 87 pictures off of jessies wall hahaha.. me cracking up and cel going "I THINK IM PEEING MYSELF!" hahaha.. then she actually came about an hour l8er.. then we all did stuff.. and we ate food.. and that was awesome!! haha.. and then we traveled in the bigg ass truck to the dance where it was veryyyyyyyy cold.. and jess and hannah popped a squat... hahaha......... weird chickies.... andd then we went inside and saw the whole world.. then i felt nauseaus.. however you spell that.. so i sat down sum.. and sum unknown ppl were talking to me.. and she was lyk that kid wants to get with you.. and i was lyk hmm.. maybe i culd throw-up on him?!?!... god.. haha.. so then we FINALLLLLY found celiaa.. and we told her we were traveling homee.. =\... but we talked to quite a few ppls who were ohh so kind to make me feel better =).. andd then we left andd i was soooooo tired.. and today was the EAGLES GAME IN A LUXURY BOX!!!!!!! ahhh.. luv itt.. father picked me up at 10 and we traveled down.. i was looking good like alwayys.. and we traveled to the career builder boxx.. and got a pink hat!!.. and it was the bestest view evvver.. even better than game 1 in sept.. which was a different box.. and the game was AWESOME.. b west iss my hero.. i luv his jerseyy<3.. and fred-ex had a mighty fine game.. he deliverrrs.. yes! andd a lil boy who is a funny lil kidd! was sitting next to me and was lyk " i like sitting next to pretty girls " hahahaha it was soo funny.. oh wow.. and it was just soo amazing! we screamed much and much and much.. and then we traveled to haddon heights to the de Mennas.. and got the 24 tape for my dad who screwed up the taping of monday nights episode.. hahahaha.. so we jsut had to go get that.. and we came home and watched sum of the pats colts game.. then i watched 24 again with daddy-o.. and came back up here!... and i think im buying a digital camera =)

okay comment on this amazinggness

xox annie

ps- alicia is my bestest friend! she is thee coolest ever.. especially since she got with tommy j. in the nasty way.. haha! i <3 u
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