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i bet you like this dont you?

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wahoo sooo.. monday no school !! =).. yeah.. and then this week was perrtyy coool.... not.. soo yesterday i went to the mall and it was fun! haha losing the 20 dollars andd steve!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA and running away from chrissy's stalker.. haha oh wow.. liz u rawwkk.. and so does kris of course... then we took lizzzie home and today it is SNOWINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG lots.. and i tried to go over lizs hahaha but no.. hahaha liz.. soo me and my mom went to country bagel and yahhhh now im bored sitting hereee doin nothin cus were lyk snowed in..grr.. TOMORO ISSS EAGLESSSS!! YEAHHHHHHHHHHH omg guna be amazing when eagles crush atlantas asses =).. uhmm HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LAUREN D.!!! hope itss fun1 luv yahhh... hahaha omg funny gay commercial just on.. made me laff.. okayy well im outt

xox annie
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